Could YOU Be A National Socialist?

A National-Socialist in the United States that does not actively engage in productive work for the cause cannot really call themselves a National-Socialist.  There are a few exceptions, but generally, a sincere adherent to the ideals of Adolf Hitler will necessarily be an Official Supporter or full member of The American Nazi Party.

I am a National Socialist, and therefore a proud member of the American Nazi Party.  To the average brainwashed American, a “Nazi” is an evil “nigger-hater” that hates everyone just for the hell of it.  Well this may come as a surprise, but that is quite far from the truth.  In fact, there is quite a large percentage of Americans who are National Socialists in their hearts, but their mind hasn’t yet quite realized it yet.  Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it,” and a person who is truly in search of the truth will take the time to examine what we believe.  Yet most people who do look closely at our beliefs will find that they are in agreement with them.

You Might Be a National Socialist IF:

– You want American jobs to Stay in America instead of being outsourced to foreign lands.
– You want the borders sealed to stop drug-trafficking, gangs, and other crime.
– You think that White Americans should be paid fair wages for a hard day’s work.
– You recognize the absurdity of all of the wars America is waging against nations that are no threat to us.
– You think that the truth in all matters should be widely disseminated regardless of who it may “offend.”
– You want justice for those who have profited off the manipulation of America’s economic system.
– You respect our natural resources and want to protect our environment and wildlife.
– You are sick and tired of having your God-given right to self-defense slowly being taken away by gun-grabbing politicians.
– You are proud of your European heritage, and want your children’s children to have a safe and prosperous future.
– You think it is outrageous that 3% of the population controls 85% of the wealth.

If that sounds like you, the American Nazi Party is waiting for your application.

This Isn’t For You

First, please read the latest American Nazi Party Report found HERE.

The National-Socialist struggle in the United States is currently led by the American Nazi Party.  I think at this point only a fool could deny that.  We have risen to the top by our unrelenting grasp on the virtues we hold on to: security and privacy of our supporters; rigid adherence to core NS ideology; dedication to the cause; loyalty to each other and to the mission of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell.

The ANP membership is composed of what we call “true believers”–people who are fully committed to the cause regardless of petty peripherals or personal praise for simply doing their duty for the Folk.

If you cannot keep a pledge of a measly $10 a month but find the money for booze and cigs, this struggle isn’t for you.

If you change your mind with the wind going from one fad to the next, this isn’t for you.

If you don’t love your children enough to fight for them, protect them, and secure a good future for them, this isn’t for you.

We aren’t interested in half-hearted creatures, fools, cowards, drunks, or the slothful.  The cause is far too valuable for that.

If you are a real man or woman that hasn’t succumbed to apathy about that which matters most, prove your sincerity by first filling out and sending in an Official Supporter Application (cash or money order made out to “ANP” only please).  Your next steps from there are nearly limitless.


What happened in Paris was inevitable.  We’ve been warning you about this for years.  What did you expect when you bring over non-whites into historically Aryan lands?  It’s nothing short of White Genocide.  The foolish, cowardly, right-wing keeps screaming about “radical Islam” but that makes as much sense as blaming a lion for attacking someone while completely ignoring the person who opened the cage…

The jewish and white-traitor politicians that forced the invasion of non-whites into our cities are covered in the blood of all the people that have been murdered at the hands of foreigners.  There must be racial segregation or our people will not last.  Join the ANP and FIGHT BACK.

Please read the latest ANP Report here:

And then watch this video:

Plato: A National-Socialist?

Plato was of course a Greek philosopher best known as the primary student of Socrates.  You can read the complete works of Plato HERE.  As a Christian National-Socialist I certainly do not agree with everything Plato writes about, but what’s the point of only reading things that align with one’s current viewpoints?  It is essential to read a wide-variety of material, as Adolf Hitler did, in order to have a well-rounded education.  You can learn something from almost anyone.

National-Socialism wasn’t really “invented” by Hitler, but rather was discovered and given a name by him and his contemporaries like Drexler and Feder.  Plato said he thought a nation would be best ruled by a “philosopher-king” that would seek to do the right thing rather than rule for the purpose of power and wealth.  Plato was also strongly anti-democracy.  He thought a nation should be protected by courageous soldiers who kept order, and that everyone should do their own work to the very best of their abilities.  These are clear NS ideas.  He said, “…there should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor, again, excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil.”  Today, 2,400 years later, we are fighting for that same thing.

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The Ming Dynasty Had the Right Idea

It should be absolute common sense, but it’s obvious there needs to be a guarded WALL on the U.S./Mexican border.  That is, after all, what we are fighting for, and what is necessary if the White Race will continue to exist on this planet.  Without secured racial separation, we haven’t a hope.

The Ming Dynasty built a majority of the Great Wall of China as a defense against their enemies, and to protect Americans from the savage crime, drugs, rape, that Mexican invaders “contribute”, we need a similar solution.

Please see this older post titled, National Socialist Stance on the Issues: Immigration.

The 20+ million illegal aliens in this country are not an asset.  They are a dreadful burden.  However, for National-Socialists it isn’t just about “legality”, it’s about RACE.  We simply don’t have room for parasites that don’t share our culture, our blood, or our values.

The Imperial Unites States currently has well over 800 (known) military bases on foreign soil.  We need to connect American families together and have patrols and guards on our southern border.  There is absolutely NO reason why a single mestizo should be able to cross the border but “our” corrupt ZOG leaders and political whores allow it to happen.

Operation Wetback in 1954 was successful in deporting the foreign criminals who had illegal entered the United States.  We are in desperate need of another massive deportation and an elimination of the ridiculous “anchor baby” laws.

Participate in local anti-immigration rallies and carefully distribute American Nazi Party literature.  One White American family suffering from the criminality of mestizo invaders is one family too many…