ANP Non-Aryan Sympathizer

Recently I got an e-mail from a Non-Aryan Sympathizer who had some intelligent comments about uniting against the common foe and creating a better image for the NS movement.  As anyone paying attention knows, the American Nazi Party is pragmatic in regards to our struggle and we look at every angle from a revolutionary perspective. Here is the e-mail followed by my reply:

As a person who strongly believe in the ideals of national socialism, I feel is my duty to call to the attention of the American Nazi Party, that racial segregation in the meetings and demonstrations is doing a lot of harm to the reputation and projection of the movement in the eyes of the common people. The strong enemies of this movement – we all know who they are – control the media, and are always demonizing the movement, portraying it as an enemy of all other races.  People are scared of this movement because of it. So, I think you do a lot of good to our enemy in segregating people of other races from meetings and congregation. This way you help fuel the media projection of the movement of being a racist and intolerant movement….I myself being a Nazi and a non-white feel very bad about it.

I believe in the right of the Aryans to preserve their race and defend it, as I believe is the duty of other races to love themselves and respect and love the others, but we have to come together in public to take the message of liberation for all races.

With love and dignity,
Alex Dxxxx Lxxxxxx

Thank you for your email and your comments.  You bring up a good point, and I’m sure you’re aware of the alliances Germany had with non-Whites in the war.  People often forget that Germany’s strongest ally in the war was Japan.

If/when the ANP decides to march publicly in a protest display, I believe we would welcome all to show solidarity against the money-powers on behalf of all humanity and towards mutually beneficial segregation.  As Louis Beam said, “If you don’t yet realize that the greatest threat to the survival of the White Race on the face of this earth is Washington D.C. … you’re not even in the struggle.”

However, our privately held meetings that shape our future policies will remain only OS and full Members.  Non-Aryan sympathizers are certainly encouraged to organize on their own, and I would love to see a Sympathizer blog pop up.  Small local cells of non-Aryan sympathizers distributing literature and speaking out against this oppressive regime would throw the enemy for a loop and draw attention to the fact that there IS a better way than judeo-capitalism!  It would also be a huge step forward to have a Sympathizer blog pop up showing support for the American Nazi Party and explaining the truth about what National-Socialism really stands for.

True National-Socialists are not “mindless haters;” we are revolutionaries working towards the survival and prosperity of our people.  We are adamantly against the capitalist imperialism of the current U.S. system, and have no desire to interfere with or control the cultures and destinies of other peoples.  See for an example of sincere, respectful, and compassionate National-Socialist behavior.

See our Sympathizer page here:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Éirinn go Brach!

While many people are celebrating this Aryan holiday, few are cognizant of the fact that the Irish people (and ALL White People) WILL NOT exist in the near future should current trends continue as they are.  White Genocide is real, it is happening now, and it is absolutely not occurring by mere chance; it is deviously orchestrated.

While these news stories are certainly tragic and heartbreaking, the reality is much worse.  My readers–and National Socialists everywhere–know that the jewish-led media downplay statistics to make the situation seem less dire than it actually is.

Though perhaps it is too late this year, do not use St. Patrick’s Day as another excuse to get stupid-drunk and belligerent as so many people do, but instead let it motivate you in our struggle for survival on this planet, and social justice for the White Working class.


Rabbi J. Schoeps Upset at New German Commission

From Yahoo News with my comments at the bottom and interspersed in the article in brackets [ ]:

Leading Jewish groups on Tuesday criticized the German government for creating a new commission on anti-Semitism without including a single Jew.

Julius Schoeps [hmm…that name sounds familiar] from the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies called it “a unique scandal” [LOL! Can you say, “Drama Queen”?] that the Interior Ministry didn’t include any Jewish scientists or community leaders on the commission it created to fight anti-Semitism and support Jewish life in Germany [is there a commission to support GERMAN life in GERMANY?!].

Schoeps announced that his center, in cooperation with the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation against anti-Semitism and racism, would create an alternative commission that would stress the Jewish perspective and include both Jewish and non-Jewish experts.

Anetta Kahane from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation also criticized the government for neglecting to call Jewish experts on the eight-person committee, saying “nobody would even think of creating a conference on hatred of Islam without Muslims or a round table on the discrimination of women without women” [or how about the most oppressed demographic in the USA: The White Working Class?]

A spokeswoman for Germany’s Interior Ministry told The Associated Press that the question of religious affiliation of the experts on the commission was not a criterion in the selection process.

The spokeswoman, who did not give her name in line with department policy, added that the commission would listen to and invite various Jewish groups during the fact-finding process [what a tremendously brazen scam].

The final report by the new commission is scheduled to be handed over to Germany’s parliament within two years. It is supposed to be the basis for a discussion on how to tackle anti-Semitism [how about total geographic segregation?].

It’s the second time the government has installed a commission to deal with anti-Semitism. Some Jewish leaders have criticized the earlier commission’s report, released in 2011, for not bringing about any changes for the situation of Jews in Germany.

Germany has seen an increase in anti-Semitic incidents recently, starting when the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza intensified last year.

— Did you notice the name of the first jew mentioned?  The name was “Schoeps”, much like the “NSM” leader Jeff Schoep who is an obvious fraud (and half-jew) that’s been involved in race-mixing and adultery.
The article also mentioned increased awakening among the German people, and we are seeing this in action with the PEDIGA protests that consist of tens of thousands of demonstrators speaking out against forced integration of their country every Monday.  The protests are also spreading to other European nations, and hopefully to the USA eventually.

White Genocide:

Jews Admit to Extermination of Whites

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

‘Marxist Lucifer King’ was nothing like what the school and media preach. Revising history to suit the anti-white judeo-capitalist agenda is standard procedure for this sick system as was discussed briefly on America’s National-Socialist TalkShoe Radio program Saturday night.

A website with some articles about the truth of this Communist fraud has been online for many years now and can be found HERE for further review on this topic.

The following editorial was written by the owner of the American Nazi Party’s Ohio Blog:

A taste of future things to come

by Steve Davenport

Monday, January 19th, will be Martin Luther King day 2015. A NATIONAL holiday for the USA. Many ZOG speeches about what a “great guy” he was will be played on the jew-tube. Hell, we even have a statue of him in Washington DC. Why is this? He was no hero to me or white people.

He is supposed to be such a good Christian, yet, he associated with the Communist party, which espouses atheism. He is supposed to be such a saintly man, yet, he cheated on his wife multiple times. He did nothing for whites except help weaken their position in the USA. How did he help whites?

No, this so-called national holiday is just a black exercise in power. They rammed this holiday down white peoples’ throats to show who is boss. Blacks wanted a black holiday for a black hero. National holidays are supposed to be for national heroes, like Washington, not single-group heroes. This holiday came to pass because white Aryans sat on their hands, and let it be rammed through Congress. Whites should be ashamed of themselves to be so weak and cowardly to allow this travesty to come about.

Where in hell is white pride? Not the phony stuff, but the real pride in one’s race. Pride that refuses to knuckle under to the demands of non-whites, especially when they are trying to rub your noses in it. King did nothing for white people. He is totally a black hero. He did nothing for white America, and deserves nothing from America in the way of national celebration. If the blacks want to honor him, fine, do so. Do NOT expect me, a white man, for whom King did absolutely nothing to honor him. He is a phony.

For whites to let themselves be manipulated into having a national holiday honoring a man who did NOT help the nation at large, but only a small group within it, is reprehensible. White Aryans: Stiffen your spines. Now we have an idiot black president. How much lower can we sink?

We stand on the verge of becoming a Hispanic nation. If a black minority can elect a black president, and get a purely black hero honored nationally, what can we expect from a Hispanic majority nation? The future is looking dire for us whites. We sure as hell better get our collective act together, and find some courage fast, or we can expect no mercy but constant harassment from non whites who will be running this country. Our future looks bleak, unless we make up our minds to change things. In unity there is strength. Truer words were never spoken.

Allow me to add that American National-Socialists WANT non-whites leaders to advocate for their own, and speak against integration. A militant “New Black Panther” that hates whites and wants total segregation is much more helpful to our cause than a communist like King.

As a National-Socialist, I believe that each race has a right to govern themselves as they wish without foreign influence on their affairs.

Welcome to 2015

This post is just to make a few announcements and to say, “Happy New Year!”  As you should know, the American Nazi Party (ANP) works tirelessly for the 14 Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class; I spent several hours Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and today busy working for the cause.  There are no holidays when the future of our Folk is at stake–and it IS at stake.

It is likely that the ANP will hold a National Conference this Spring, so we’ll be in need of your donations as well as your attendance if you’re an Official Supporter (OS) in good standing.  If you are a sincere American National-Socialist and somehow aren’t yet an ANP OS, here is our *Application* (well-concealed cash and money orders made out to “ANP” only please).

Also, our first Podcast of 2015 will happen this January 17th at the usual time of 5pm PST/8pm EST.  The discussion will revolve around issues related to the American justice system, and we’ll answer questions about capital punishment, crime, sentencing, the U.S. prison population, and more.

National Socialism