The Donald?

The American Nazi Party just posted an insightful new Report about the current political games we’re seeing all over the news, and the headlines that billionaire Donald Trump has been making lately.

Every presidential election year, the republican primary game gets a “wildcard” candidate thrown in the mix that caters to certain sections of White America.  Last time it was Ron Paul, and before that was Pat Buchanan.  NOW, it’s billionaire Donald Trump.  EVERY TIME these clowns get paraded in the media as if they are the knight in shining armor here to save the patriotic, gun-loving, constitution-loving White Working American and shake up the system.  And our people buy it hook, line, and sinker…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It is not as if Obama was the problem, or Bush, or Clinton, or the other Bush, or any of the other evil psychopaths that were hand picked to sit in the White House.  We have a systemic issue, a cancer, that will not be cured by changing the president.

It blows my mind that White Americans always have hope in “the next guy” to run for president as if he’ll make the changes this country desperately needs.  I guess that way it gives them an excuse to do nothing constructive themselves, and just hope “someone else” will take care of things.

The Subversive Message of American History X

Since the first question in my last post (it’s been a while, I know) dealt with the movie American History X, I thought I’d provide some brief commentary on it and its message.  Like nearly all Hollywood-jew movies, the message is anti-white, pro-decadence.  The real clincher comes toward the end of the flick when the black professor with two PhDs (of course lol) asks the half-jew actor Edward Norton (who plays the hot-headed skinhead), “Has anything you’ve done, made your life better?”  Norton shakes his head “no” and cries….

The obvious point here that the jew propaganda machine is trying to force-feed into the minds of Aryan Americans is that we should only concern ourselves with selfish desires, and not worry about helping others or what is going on around us.  That is the EXACT OPPOSITE position of National-Socialism which states, “folk-community before self.”  National-Socialists today in the American Nazi Party are fighting for the FUTURE of the White Race!  We aren’t stuck in a joyless pursuit of material goods and temporary pleasure, but instead are focused on helping those whom we will never meet and those who will never be grateful for our sacrifices.

Did Someone Say White Supremacist?

I recently answered some questions from a college student and I thought it would be interesting and educational to share this with everyone else as well.


Hello, I am Xxx Xxxxxxx and I am a freshman at Xxxxxxx studying Xxxxx ………… [edited for sensitive information – ed.]

 ……….My paper is covering American History X. It goes over the film then I cover the current White Supremist [sic] groups currently in the USA today. 

I feel I must ask you personally in order to stay away from any bias. 

[He then asked his questions which you’ll see below in my response. – ed.]

Hello Xxx:

First of all, American History X (like ALL Jew-Hollywood films about race, Germany, World War 2, or National-Socialism) is a propaganda piece aimed at demonizing White People with the “audacity” to resist the destruction of our race and culture.  Also note that we are not skinheads and would never condone or associate with people who display the type of crudeness, hatred, and criminal behavior shown in that movie.

The American Nazi Party is a political organization in the same vein as the Republicans or Democrats but bereft of the vile corruption and greed that permeates both system-approved parties.

Here are my responses:

First I would like to know what does being a white supremacist mean to you or the group as a whole?

ANSWER – To us that term is essentially meaningless, and we never use it.  It is used by the media and anti-white organizations (like the ADL, SPLC, ARA, etc.) to smear us and misrepresent what we actually stand for.  We have no desire to be “supreme” over any other race or creed, and as National-Socialists we firmly believe that EACH RACE (including our own) should have the freedom to self-determination and the right to govern themselves as they wish.  We abhor the capitalist imperialism of the United States and its desire to rule and exploit various nations around the globe.  Our mission is summed up in these famous ’14 Words’: “We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children.”

I’m curious to know, when you hear the term White Supremacist what do you think of?

ANSWER – See my response to the previous question.

What is your organization currently doing as of now to raise numbers or express the cause?

ANSWER – We have numerous areas of outreach that we regularly engage in, summed up by the acronym “REO”: REACH people with our message through literature distribution; EDUCATE those who are interested in our National Socialist program; and ORGANIZE these men and women into cells that can take part in local political campaigning.

In addition to literature distribution which all our Supporters and Members engage in, we publish a hardcopy monthly newsletter called The White Worker.  We also maintain an active and successful presence online, lobby congress, run for local office, and utilize many other tools to reach White Americans.

Where do you see the group in the future?

ANSWER – As I said before, our mission statement is summed up in the 14 Words.  In addition to that, I see greatly increased support for National-Socialism among the masses with our people holding offices across the nation and successfully fighting for social justice for the white working class.

The ultimate goal is to create a National-Socialist State SOMEWHERE on the planet (obviously our focus in on the U.S.) where White People can be in charge of our own destiny, free from the current genocide against our people, and free from the judeo-capitalist greed and exploitation that is responsible for the financial hardships which affect nearly ALL working class people.

And lastly if you had an option to educate the classroom or others about your cause what would you say?

ANSWER – We HAVE had such opportunities (see LINK for an example) and use them to explain what our beliefs really are.  I don’t have time to explain the entire worldview of National-Socialism right now, but feel free to read through our website––AND Hitler’s masterpiece, Mein Kampf.

You probably didn’t know that “Abolition of the thralldom of interest” was called the “core” of National-Socialism.  That’s quite a bit different than the false Hollywood-Nazi image of “bloodthirsty White supremacist, jew-hating, lunatics that want worldwide domination,” isn’t it? LOL!

ANP Non-Aryan Sympathizer

Recently I got an e-mail from a Non-Aryan Sympathizer who had some intelligent comments about uniting against the common foe and creating a better image for the NS movement.  As anyone paying attention knows, the American Nazi Party is pragmatic in regards to our struggle and we look at every angle from a revolutionary perspective. Here is the e-mail followed by my reply:

As a person who strongly believe in the ideals of national socialism, I feel is my duty to call to the attention of the American Nazi Party, that racial segregation in the meetings and demonstrations is doing a lot of harm to the reputation and projection of the movement in the eyes of the common people. The strong enemies of this movement – we all know who they are – control the media, and are always demonizing the movement, portraying it as an enemy of all other races.  People are scared of this movement because of it. So, I think you do a lot of good to our enemy in segregating people of other races from meetings and congregation. This way you help fuel the media projection of the movement of being a racist and intolerant movement….I myself being a Nazi and a non-white feel very bad about it.

I believe in the right of the Aryans to preserve their race and defend it, as I believe is the duty of other races to love themselves and respect and love the others, but we have to come together in public to take the message of liberation for all races.

With love and dignity,
Alex Dxxxx Lxxxxxx

Thank you for your email and your comments.  You bring up a good point, and I’m sure you’re aware of the alliances Germany had with non-Whites in the war.  People often forget that Germany’s strongest ally in the war was Japan.

If/when the ANP decides to march publicly in a protest display, I believe we would welcome all to show solidarity against the money-powers on behalf of all humanity and towards mutually beneficial segregation.  As Louis Beam said, “If you don’t yet realize that the greatest threat to the survival of the White Race on the face of this earth is Washington D.C. … you’re not even in the struggle.”

However, our privately held meetings that shape our future policies will remain only OS and full Members.  Non-Aryan sympathizers are certainly encouraged to organize on their own, and I would love to see a Sympathizer blog pop up.  Small local cells of non-Aryan sympathizers distributing literature and speaking out against this oppressive regime would throw the enemy for a loop and draw attention to the fact that there IS a better way than judeo-capitalism!  It would also be a huge step forward to have a Sympathizer blog pop up showing support for the American Nazi Party and explaining the truth about what National-Socialism really stands for.

True National-Socialists are not “mindless haters;” we are revolutionaries working towards the survival and prosperity of our people.  We are adamantly against the capitalist imperialism of the current U.S. system, and have no desire to interfere with or control the cultures and destinies of other peoples.  See for an example of sincere, respectful, and compassionate National-Socialist behavior.

See our Sympathizer page here:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Éirinn go Brach!

While many people are celebrating this Aryan holiday, few are cognizant of the fact that the Irish people (and ALL White People) WILL NOT exist in the near future should current trends continue as they are.  White Genocide is real, it is happening now, and it is absolutely not occurring by mere chance; it is deviously orchestrated.

While these news stories are certainly tragic and heartbreaking, the reality is much worse.  My readers–and National Socialists everywhere–know that the jewish-led media downplay statistics to make the situation seem less dire than it actually is.

Though perhaps it is too late this year, do not use St. Patrick’s Day as another excuse to get stupid-drunk and belligerent as so many people do, but instead let it motivate you in our struggle for survival on this planet, and social justice for the White Working class.