Apr 13

The Bundy Ranch Fiasco

Apparently, America is still home to some White People who have their testicles intact, as hundreds of supporters quickly gathered to where Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy had stood his ground against federal tyranny.  If you haven’t read the story elsewhere (I’ll post some links at the bottom of this article), the quick version is that ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) claimed Bundy owed them fees for his cattle grazing on “public” land, then it was because the government was protecting endangered tortoise populations, THEN ZOG admitted they wanted to use the land to make way for solar power stations.  So ZOG stormed in and rounded up (with military vehicles including helicopters) about 1,000 of Bundy’s cattle.  That’s called GRAND THEFT for those who don’t know.

A couple brief notes here.  The Bundy family has been working that land for around 140 years, and it’s rather ironic that the government would claim something like protection of the desert tortoise in a state they formerly tested nuclear bombs, and in an area they want to construct solar panels.  It REEKS of hypocrisy and deceit – the usual for this evil system.  As a National-Socialist, I am deeply concerned for the welfare of the environment and wildlife, but swarming a ranch with helicopters, snipers, and machine guns, is obviously NOT about protecting an endangered species.

 The good news here is that all these people stood their ground with Bundy against federal tyranny, the feds backed off (for now at least; they didn’t like the bad PR) and returned the stolen cattle to Bundy.  However, keep in mind that if ZOG had ordered the fed police to open fire, they wouldn’t have hesitated for a second.  They didn’t hesitate when they shot Randy Weaver’s wife while she held her 10-month old baby in her arms, or Randy’s young boy, or his dog.  When we discuss the U.S. Federal government, we are talking about some truly sick bastards.  Anyways, I also don’t think the feds expected the kind of resistance that they encountered and they didn’t want to revisit the negative publicity that they got after the horrific incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least–in fact I would expect it–if the Feds had some undercover agents masquerading as Bundy supporters and trying to get close to him.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Feds come back at a later time to kill Bundy, steal his cattle, or come up with some story about Bundy being a child-molester so that he loses his support.  They sure as hell won’t “forgive and forget” about this little event where they had to tuck tail and leave the area.  It’s terribly unfortunate that these resisters aren’t dedicated National-Socialists, but hopefully they lack any faith in this corrupt USA.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, I almost forgot, the FED agents also tackled a 57-year old woman with cancer from behind, attacked a pregnant woman, and used tasers and dogs against some other protesters.  This is NOT YOUR government, people!! Fight back, and join the ANP!

“To serve and protect.”

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Mar 27

“White Privilege” Conference This Week

The vile hate-group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is having a conference this week (right now) on imaginary “white privilege”, which is a myth promulgated by Marxist morons and their gullible drones that occupy our “educational” institutions and television sets.  Considering the fact that White people (and especially working-class Whites) are the most oppressed racial group in America, this conference is beyond ridiculous.  The SPLC is a self-proclaimed “teacher of tolerance” organization, even though they label many organizations “hate groups” simply for being against “gay marriage” for example.  The mind-numbing hypocrisy of the SPLC, and the fact that high school and college teachers are willingly attending this conference is a powerful indicator of the level of degeneracy and sickness in our sad society.  These types of malevolent organizations discuss the myth of “White privilege,” and yet proclaim the obvious absurdity that race “is a social-construct.”

This conference is also being funded by your tax-dollars according to WatchDog.org ( http://watchdog.org/127776/white-tax-wisconsin/ ).  Haven’t you had enough, White Man?  What will it take to make you fight?!  These people indoctrinate your children with lies, and teach them to hate their own rich Aryan heritage while ignoring the desperate situation our Folk is in.  Written decades ago, but still very applicable to today, please read George Lincoln Rockwell’s “White Self-Hate: Master-stroke of the Enemy” here: http://www.anp14.com/rockwell/materials/articles/hate.php

Black Privilege

Mar 12

National-Socialist Professional Documentary?

I haven’t posted in a while (most of my time spent writing is for The White Worker - YOU should subscribe), so here is a quick entry about an idea that’s been swimming in my head for a while.  There are numerous documentaries and docudramas on Netflix and YouTube about varies topics that cover everything from Monsanto to corporate lobbying corruption, 9/11 conspiracies, capitalism, Obama, and much more.  I think a documentary on the genius of National-Socialist (NS) ideology would be quite well-received.

As I’ve pointed out before, National-Socialism is probably the most misunderstood political system and worldview in America today.  A quality production with interviews, graphics, and most importantly, a solid grasp of the NS perspective, produced by sincere and dedicated NS activists is what I envision.  Such a documentary would be helpful in educating the masses, dispelling lies, and showing that there is a much better path than the judeo-capitalist plutocrat system we have now.  Would this be a project that YOU could tackle?

In the mean-time, America’s only NS political-education organization (ANP) has a website dedicated to video education about issues that concern the White Working-Class.  If you are genuinely interested in NS ideology, please take a look at NationalSocialism.info to see dozens of videos explaining the problems (and solutions) in this evil American Empire.

Feb 15

Effeminate “Men”

What ever happened to MEN being MEN?  We can identify the trend away from masculinity in politics, schools, and it is most readily apparent in the workplace where supposed adults are expected and encouraged to “tattle-tale” on their fellow workers instead of handling situations like a real man should.  Assertion, discretion, integrity, courage, and respect are becoming lost values.  I have also pointed out this characteristic on this website as it concerns the character of white “men” in this so-called racial movement.

We often see “men” who cannot keep their pledges, vows, or promises, or who need their hands metaphorically held in order to get them to do anything productive.  Having to deal with “men” who need their egos stroked or their feelings heard asking for a shoulder to cry on and be coddled like a needy infant, is an enormous annoyance.  Trust me, this happens frequently.  Fewer Aryan women would settle for the arms on a non-white if more White Men would behave honorably.

A male National-Socialist should be a MAN, and should not accept, or conform to, the lowered standards of this sick judeo-society.  A real man does the right thing no matter what.  As a National-Socialist, your actions should reflect the ideology within you.  Hooligans, drunks, cowards, womanizers, shit-stirrers, the apathetic, lazy, and the complainers have no place in an Aryan Nation.