Nov 07

My Story (part 2)

Picking up where I left off from my last post:

The first and foremost difference between National-Socialism (NS) and other forms of government, is that it is of course RACE-BASED, which means that we examine every issue with the thought, “IS IT GOOD OR HARMFUL to the White race?” Communism believes that race is “irrelevant” in that “all races are the same.”  Capitalism only believes in money, and doing whatever it takes to get more and more of it.  The modern American slogan has become, “screw thy neighbor to make a buck.”

NS believes in FREE-ENTERPRISE economics where individuals CAN and SHOULD own private property and enterprises–whereas Communism wishes to erase private ownership into something where “everybody owns everything”–something that NEVER happened in ANY Communist controlled system. In truth, “Communism” BECAME SUPER-CAPITALISM where a FEW CONTROLLED EVERYTHING and the masses worked basically as slaves for them!

“Judeo-Capitalism” is the first step towards the eventual total CONTROL of the FEW over everyone else.  Today, about 3% of the population control 85% of the total wealth here in America, and every year it is getting greater.   America has by far the largest gap in pay between the CEO and the entry-level worker.

In a National-Socialist society this would never be allowed to happen. Unlike a Capitalist or Communist society that believes that the PEOPLE exist to SERVE the state or system, National-Socialism believes that the STATE exists to SERVE the PEOPLE!  What a novel idea, eh?  In learning this, I was drawn closer and closer to an NS worldview, and away from simplistic racialism.

How else would White people benefit from an NS State?  Studying all the finer details of the NS ideology provided a lot of answers that I had been looking for.  A Nazi America would put the out-of-control pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies in their place.  There would be no more legislation that is intended to bring massive profits to these industries at the expense of the White Worker.  The American worker doesn’t need to be paying hundreds of dollars to fill basic prescriptions and to keep their family healthy.

Now you might, and probably most people think that Nazis like myself are evil extremists.  They think that of course because of the web of lies poured upon all Americans from schools and the media and other sources.  Well, I do have to admit that National-Socialism IS pretty extreme.  We believe in a lot of wild and crazy ideas such as: taking care of our Nation’s people BEFORE looking overseas.  Right now the USA gives–just hands away–billions of dollars every year to nations overseas, mainly Israel.  Why?  Primarily because of the presence of so many Zionist jews in the government.  National-Socialism says NO; that money is better spent HERE at home!  FIRST we take care of our own.

We believe in extremist ideas such as maintaining the sovereignty of our country, and not handing over control to globalists like the UN.

We believe that all people should be paid fair wages based on the work they do. In Nazi Germany, the laborer was united with the doctor because they BOTH performed (and do perform) vital functions to the Aryan Nation.

We believe that American companies must keep their businesses on AMERICAN SOIL and HIRE ONLY American citizens as a FIRST step.  It is a crime against the people that American companies create hundreds of thousands of jobs in China and India while unemployment here at home has been out of control for quite a while now.

A Nazi America would impose an embargo, or very strict restrictions on any imports, so as to totally favor American made products, and eventually America could produce ANYTHING/EVERYTHING that its citizens need as it once did, thereby creating DECENT JOBS for EVERYONE who desires one.

And probably the belief we hold that is most despised by our enemies is that White people should be ALLOWED to live in a strictly all-white nation.  And I haven’t yet figured out why that is such an evil idea.

Adolf Hitler bemoaned, “The value of the individual is no longer decided by his character or by the significance of his achievements for the totality, but exclusively by the size of his fortune, by his money.”

National-Socialism believes in promoting timeless values such as respect and honor and compassion OVER materialism.

Hitler spoke the sad truth when he said, “The loftiness of a nation is no longer to be measured by the sum of its moral and spiritual powers, but rather by the wealth of its material possessions.”

National-Socialism is entirely against the greed-driven system we have in the US today.  National-Socialism says that the iron worker or farmer who loves and takes care of his family, and supports his community and displays good moral character is FAR “wealthier” than the capitalist CEO with his private jets and mansions, who lays off his employees so he can collect an even bigger paycheck off the labor of others.

The American Nazi Party represents a proven and tested complete political ideology for all our common problems.  Once you have a homogeneous racial makeup of that nation you have common goals for that nation; it then becomes much easier to manage and to move forward as one.

But that is exactly why the current system loves and encourages and promotes this multicultural mess we have. With all these different peoples from around the world and all their different beliefs and systems and traditions, it makes the American nation so much more divided.

EVEN if one group has a grievance against the government, there’s only so many of them, and another group may have a completely different heritage and culture that is entirely against what the first group is trying to do. That is why our weakened white minority is becoming so helpless.  But with the state we have now, it makes this system’s leaders easier to control us, to do whatever they want.  And haven’t they?  Haven’t they done whatever they want?  DO they listen to the people? No.

But we have collectively been silent and done nothing.  So whose fault is it really?  The evil doing evil?  OR the people who SHOULD be GOOD, doing nothing?  I think a lot of people have said this and it’s such a true quote, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  So let’s walk the walk and reach out to our fellow citizens daily, and we WILL BE successful.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world; and that is an idea whose time has come.”

Nov 04

My Story (part 1)

The Chairman of America’s National Socialist organization, Rocky Suhayda, recently shared his personal story and involvement in this racial/political struggle on the ANP’s Report page (see HERE).  Today, I’ll be sharing part of my own story, and why I do this day after day and year after year.  It was love that drew me to National Socialism, and love that keeps me going.

When I was a kid in elementary school, and had begun to learn about animals and started doing reports on various wildlife, I became aware that many of these creatures were becoming extinct never to be seen again.  Many animals like the Dodo bird and the Tasmanian Tiger were already extinct.  That bothered me quite a bit and I wrote a letter to the president, and made a sign that I put on my street corner about saving the Cheetah.

As I started getting older and my interests started branching out, I began to investigate a claim I heard a Klansman make on TV asserting that the White Race was being systematically led to extinction.  This was on a History Channel special about “hate groups” or some such typically mis-named show.  I thought that was pretty strange since up until that point I had never heard such a claim or anything similar to that.  In school of course I had just been programmed… I mean …taught about the evil white man and slavery and the holocaust but I was also able to put together the connection that all the greatest minds, inventors, philosophers, explorers, and scientists were Europeans.  I had also seen by this point in my racial awakening the differences in behavior expressed by the few non-whites that were in my area (they are a majority there now).

I had been taught by close family members to question everything I heard or read, no matter what source it came from, so I looked into the claim about white racial decline.  Not only the decline of my people, but that the decline was not an accident, it was orchestrated.  In short, I did my research and found that claim to be entirely accurate.  In fact, even mainstream jewish-owned news outlets are now admitting facts that I discovered many years ago.  Recent headlines have mentioned horrors such as, U.S. school are now mostly non-White, the majority of babies in the U.S. are non-White and so on.  I knew that I was not alone in wanting to tell people about this slow and painful genocide, and wanting to expose those who are guilty.  That is why there are so many factions of pro-White groups across the US and all over Europe. There are skinhead groups and Klansman, and at this time of my awakening there was Pastor Butler’s Aryan Nations.  At this time I was also reading Mein Kampf.

Now, after many years of study and serious committed involvement in this mostly half-hearted struggle, and after learning about many of the other facets that direct world policy, and domestic policy, I asked myself how much better America would REALLY be if all the non-whites were immediately sent elsewhere? To their homelands? – A little bit. For a while. But then what? The root cause of all those problems would still exist!  It’s like chopping off weeds but leaving the roots, after a while the weed will come back.   If we could influence real political change or “take back our nation” what would we do?  That’s where National Socialism comes into play – the solution to government.

Part 2 coming later this week about what brought me to NS specifically.

Oct 29

Internal Critique Poll Results Part 3

In Part 2 of this short series, I debunked the use of the holohoax fable as a means to reject National-Socialism, and now I will briefly discuss items 2 and 3 from my Poll.  Coming in second place with the most votes was, “Universal hatred for non-whites,” which is really quite absurd yet a common misconception of National-Socialist ideology.  The fact is, that accusation is entirely false.  The proof of that is the American Nazi Party’s “Sympathizer” program that is open to non-whites who wish to offer their assistance.  Looking back to World War 2, the NSDAP had more non-white volunteers fighting for the NS cause than any other nation at the time including around 150,000 jews!  There is much more information I could provide to show that NS is not at all about “hatred of non-whites” but if you are still unsure I suggest looking into that yourself.  Start by checking out this post, German Law and Legislation.

In third place in my Poll was the claim that, “Modern ‘nazis’ act like drunken hooligans” and sadly there is some truth to this, though let me first state that you will NOT find a SINCERE Nazi acting like a drunken fool–beware of phony hobbyists who claim to be something they aren’t.  For some reason, many low-life scum are attracted to the bizarre and inaccurate version of Nazism as presented by jewish Hollywood which makes all sorts of devilish claims against National-Socialism.  It is for that reason that the ANP makes such a strong effort to expose those imposters (such as the “NSM”) that wrongly title themselves “Nazis” and act like clowns, or worse.  The bottom line is that a Nazi that acts like a “drunken hooligan” is simply NOT a Nazi.


Sep 18

Internal Critique Poll Results Part 2

Now I’ll (finally) look at the top 3 items from my poll and dissect them individually.  First, of course, was the holohoax fable, and I’ll go over the next two in my next post coming very soon.

Now there is no question that World War 2 was a tragedy, and that millions of lives were lost.  However, there isn’t any documentation to support the alleged “attempted extermination of jews,” either from physical evidence or any orders and/or paperwork that would show the Nazis were intent on such a thing.  When people bring up the holohoax tale and the mythical “6 million,” I wonder if they show the same concern for the millions of Gentile lives that were lost in WWII.

Regardless, controversial wartime events from the first half of the 20th Century are unrelated to the actual ideology of National-Socialism (NS).  And therefore it is a fallacy to reject NS based on evidentially unsupported historical claims.  Such an argument (bringing up the holohoax) does not deal with the actual tenets of NS, and instead follows an erroneous path that says, ‘A’ happened (allegedly) under the supervision of ‘B’, therefore ‘B’ is wrong.  This could be likened to the statement, “A Christian/republican/democrat/Buddhist etc. committed a crime, therefore that position or belief is false.  It doesn’t follow logically, and is obviously incorrect.

Certainly, 21st Century National-Socialism has never made any sort of statement about desiring the death of ANY racial group.  NS stands wholeheartedly for peace.

Your comments are always welcome.

Since this is a short post, read this book until my next one:  The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century