Aug 11

Internal Critique Poll Results Part 1

Just over 100 people voted on my poll, and I can’t say that the top item voted on was particularly surprising.  However, out of the dozen or so hateful and vulgar comments I had to delete, I did get one comment that was critical yet civil, and I’ll go over that here.  I’ll cover the poll results more specifically in my next post(s).

Dan W. wrote in with this:

The ANP, like our Constitutionalists, is stuck in the past in some fundemental [sic] ways. The good Hitler did is over shadowed [sic] by the bad. The race issue needs to go away…there is no superiority among the races. Natural segragation [sic] should be recongnised [sic] and respected. Economic and military strength should be emphasized as the way to secure prosperity and peace.

“Griz” responded with:

I’m confused. You say “the race issue should go away.” Yet you are for natural segregation. If race isn’t an issue why do you care about segregation? As for superiority, yes Whites ARE superior based on what we have done. For instance- creating civilization. However, todays Whites are mostly a sorry bunch of losers, cowards, and weaklings, not fit to call themselves Aryans. Still worth saving our race though, not the childrens fault that their parents, grandparents and great grandparents generations screwed up so bad. You say “economic and military strength should be emphasized as the way to secure prosperity and peace.” That sounds like some fox news con-servative reactionary patriot type talk. Talk about being stuck in the past!

Thanks to Griz for his reply, and I’d like to add a few things of my own as well to fully respond to Dan since I often hear people make similar statements.

First of all, Dan compares the ANP (the lone National-Socialist political party in the U.S.) to the constitutionalists by saying we are both “stuck in the past” (see my Stuck in the Past post for how some “Nazis” are mentally stuck in 1933-1945).  Since my poll was about an “internal critique” let’s briefly see if Dan’s allegation is valid.

The ANP’s claim is that they are 21st Century National-Socialists concerned with issues of today that concern America’s White working-class.  Is that true?  I say, “Absolutely.”  But don’t take my word for it, read through past ANP Reports, subscribe and read through The White Worker publication and see if you can find any evidence of daydreaming about recreating the 3rd Reich in the USA today.  Providing National-Socialist solutions to current problems is what the ANP deals with.  When the 3rd Reich is referenced, it is almost always to provide a valuable lesson about National-Socialist ideology.

Some equate being concerned about race at all is being “stuck in the past” and may claim that society has “moved past that.”  Nonsense.  Race and racial differences are an undeniable reality of life, though some people try to suppress this obvious truth.  Besides clear anatomical differences, the mental inequalities are even more pronounced.  Even a brief look at history, and the various accomplishments of racial groups makes this point unmistakable.

Racism (recognizing the differences and importance of race) and segregation are normal, natural, and healthy for individuals as well as communities and nations.

Take a look at the foolishness that the graphic below illuminates:


Jul 09

Why Do I Do This?

I notice that on the ANP Twitter account, many people ask if we are sincere, a parody, or they simply hurl insults.  They will ask, “Why do you do this?”  At such a ridiculous inquiry, I can only shake my head and try to understand that they don’t have a clue what is at stake in this struggle.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

This is a short post, but to answer the question, “Why Do I Do This?” the answer is simply, “because it is the RIGHT thing to do.”  Fighting to secure a future for Aryan children, and for social justice for the white working-class is an HONORABLE thing to do.  I would feel ashamed and embarrassed if I DIDN’T give my time and money to the American Nazi Party–America’s ONLY National-Socialist organization.

To the right-wingers, leftists, and self-righteous fools out there:  How about instead of condemning National-Socialism as you’ve been programmed to do, be a little wild and dare to QUESTION the things you’ve been taught.  Look into the facts, discover the truth, and then see who stands for righteousness, justice, and peace.  Remove your blindfold and be an individual rather than a mindless sheep.


Jun 29

National Socialism: A Positive Force; a Force for Good Over Evil

Contrary to the filth and lies spread by the enemies of truth, reason, historical accuracy, and Aryan men and women around the world, National-Socialism–from its inception–has been a movement and force for good.

The enemies of Nazism say it’s solely based on hate. These are lies; lies of a morally bankrupt enemy.  Nazism is a positive force for good, the good of the racial folk-community.  Our country, the USA, has at the very least 600,000 homeless in it. It has 46 million people living in poverty (officially), but considering the “trustworthiness” of this corrupt judeo-capitalist system, the true number is likely much higher.

It seems the “land of the free and home of the brave” is pretty damn hard on poor people. National Socialism (NS) is bound and determined to eliminate the poverty that afflicts this country and society. That’s how “evil” it is. No phony “war on poverty” to be found here; NS is the real deal.

NS doesn’t believe in punishing people because they’re poor like the Tea Party types do. You’re not lazy in Nazi eyes, just unfortunate, undervalued, and economically oppressed from the limitless greed of corporate fat cats. Nazis believe that children suffering poverty and starvation is morally wrong. How can you have a thriving civilization and race, if your people are starving to death? Our rich ruling judeo-capitalist elite don’t care, and that should be obvious to all.

Nazis want to help the people for the good of individuals and society as a whole.  This is the kind of society Nazism stands for and wants to institute. No more war, no more hunger, no more oppression of the working class, no more evil cretins in political office, no more open borders and on and on.  We need a government in this country dedicated to our own people, not a gang of criminals fighting some anti-Islam crusade, or outsourcing jobs so our people end up jobless and starving. We NS are adamantly against sending foreign aid to countries while our own suffer daily privation. Hunger is something we believe a government is supposed to fight against, not ignore, or blame the victims for their plight.

If we continue with the judeo-capitalist system we currently have, white civilization will whither and die.

Our country is slowly becoming just another banana republic. Haven’t you, the people, had enough of incompetent, corrupt “leadership”?  Haven’t you had enough of having career politician millionaires as our supposed “representatives” in Congress?  We want normal, moral, competent, and worthy people dedicated to the values and welfare of the racial folk community to have positions of responsibility leading our nation. This is the heart and soul of NS: The health and happiness of the White Aryan racial community.

Nazism is a force for good.  It is a positive force.  Isn’t caring for and about your own people a positive? Our system right now is totally negative. It’s perfectly willing to let its people rot, the middle class to whither and die, and the working-poor to become acclimated to living as slaves to corporate America.

To National Socialists, nothing is more sacred then the survival and welfare of the racial folk-community.  A group of haters, you say?  Utter hogwash. The ANP–as the sole voice of National Socialism in the United States–is the only political party that is REALLY on the side of the white working-class.

Think about it. Hard.

[Many thanks to Steve Davenport who contributed to the bulk of the above article]

Hitler: Loved by his people

Jun 22

An Internal Critique

I see attacks and claims made against National-Socialism all the time.  For this post I’ll have a Poll that you see below with some with some common “arguments” heard against NS ideology; so please vote on which one you hear the most often, OR if you think any of the arguments contain any validity, please select the one that does.  Based on the Poll results I’ll do a follow-up post with an internal critique on aspects of the National-Socialist worldview, and see if any of the arguments against it have any legitimacy, or instead, if they are entirely fallacious.  I believe it is important to critically examine one’s own political positions in order to target the truth with as much precision as possible rather than clinging to a paradigm simply for the sake of tradition or stubbornness.

Your comments will be helpful to expand upon particular claims in the Poll, or to mention an anti-NS argument that you think I should have included.

What is the most common OR (possibly) most legitimate argument made against National-Socialism?

  • The "6 million" holocaust (36%, 38 Votes)
  • Universal hatred for non-whites (16%, 17 Votes)
  • Modern "nazis" act like drunken hooligans (11%, 12 Votes)
  • Totalitarian dictatorship (10%, 11 Votes)
  • Hitler was a "madman" (10%, 11 Votes)
  • Gestapo police state / Against personal freedom (7%, 7 Votes)
  • Faulty socio-economic ideas and policies (5%, 5 Votes)
  • Other (PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT) (4%, 4 Votes)
  • War mongering / desired world domination (1%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 107

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