Plato: A National-Socialist?

Plato was of course a Greek philosopher best known as the primary student of Socrates.  You can read the complete works of Plato HERE.  As a Christian National-Socialist I certainly do not agree with everything Plato writes about, but what’s the point of only reading things that align with one’s current viewpoints?  It is essential to read a wide-variety of material, as Adolf Hitler did, in order to have a well-rounded education.  You can learn something from almost anyone.

National-Socialism wasn’t really “invented” by Hitler, but rather was discovered and given a name by him and his contemporaries like Drexler and Feder.  Plato said he thought a nation would be best ruled by a “philosopher-king” that would seek to do the right thing rather than rule for the purpose of power and wealth.  Plato was also strongly anti-democracy.  He thought a nation should be protected by courageous soldiers who kept order, and that everyone should do their own work to the very best of their abilities.  These are clear NS ideas.  He said, “…there should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor, again, excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil.”  Today, 2,400 years later, we are fighting for that same thing.

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The Ming Dynasty Had the Right Idea

It should be absolute common sense, but it’s obvious there needs to be a guarded WALL on the U.S./Mexican border.  That is, after all, what we are fighting for, and what is necessary if the White Race will continue to exist on this planet.  Without secured racial separation, we haven’t a hope.

The Ming Dynasty built a majority of the Great Wall of China as a defense against their enemies, and to protect Americans from the savage crime, drugs, rape, that Mexican invaders “contribute”, we need a similar solution.

Please see this older post titled, National Socialist Stance on the Issues: Immigration.

The 20+ million illegal aliens in this country are not an asset.  They are a dreadful burden.  However, for National-Socialists it isn’t just about “legality”, it’s about RACE.  We simply don’t have room for parasites that don’t share our culture, our blood, or our values.

The Imperial Unites States currently has well over 800 (known) military bases on foreign soil.  We need to connect American families together and have patrols and guards on our southern border.  There is absolutely NO reason why a single mestizo should be able to cross the border but “our” corrupt ZOG leaders and political whores allow it to happen.

Operation Wetback in 1954 was successful in deporting the foreign criminals who had illegal entered the United States.  We are in desperate need of another massive deportation and an elimination of the ridiculous “anchor baby” laws.

Participate in local anti-immigration rallies and carefully distribute American Nazi Party literature.  One White American family suffering from the criminality of mestizo invaders is one family too many…


Queer “Marriage”?

This post in response to the Supreme Court decision to legalize so-called “same-sex marriage” might be a little late, but there’s still a couple of things to be learned from it.  Now, like any normal heterosexual, I find homosexuality (which is a choice by the way) to be absolutely disgusting and abhorrent–it’s vile and unnatural.  However, that’s not what this post is about.  The American Nazi Party recognizes that queers and their perverse behavior have been around since near the beginning of human history and it’s not currently pragmatic to try and eradicate it.  As a side note, in 1787 (and later) queers were put into mental asylums for being sexual deviants.

Marriage is a man and a woman.  Period.  Two same-sex individuals cannot “marry” any more than pigs can fly.  Such sickening behavior is only getting worse worldwide.  Some people are professing romantic love for animals and wishing to “marry” them such as Dominique Lesbirel or Sharon Tendler.

But that’s a topic for another post.  For THIS post I want to simply point out what a tiny minority can accomplish when they possess the will and determination to get what they want.  A highly definitive study from 2013 found that fewer than 3 percent of respondents identified themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and only 1.6 percent self-identified as gay or lesbian.  That’s 1.6% of the population that successfully forced their immorality on the rest of the country which became one of the first in human civilization to dismantle the institution of marriage in favor of legitimizing sexual perversion.  The number is actually much smaller than 1.6% since not all queers are activists for their lifestyle!

If only YOU WHITE MEN AND WOMEN with a rich and decorated history of amazing accomplishments had the same resolve to fight for your CHILDREN and THEIR FUTURE as the queers do to push their perversion on the rest of us!  Get off the fence and join us:

The Donald?

The American Nazi Party just posted an insightful new Report about the current political games we’re seeing all over the news, and the headlines that billionaire Donald Trump has been making lately.

Every presidential election year, the republican primary game gets a “wildcard” candidate thrown in the mix that caters to certain sections of White America.  Last time it was Ron Paul, and before that was Pat Buchanan.  NOW, it’s billionaire Donald Trump.  EVERY TIME these clowns get paraded in the media as if they are the knight in shining armor here to save the patriotic, gun-loving, constitution-loving White Working American and shake up the system.  And our people buy it hook, line, and sinker…EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It is not as if Obama was the problem, or Bush, or Clinton, or the other Bush, or any of the other evil psychopaths that were hand picked to sit in the White House.  We have a systemic issue, a cancer, that will not be cured by changing the president.

It blows my mind that White Americans always have hope in “the next guy” to run for president as if he’ll make the changes this country desperately needs.  I guess that way it gives them an excuse to do nothing constructive themselves, and just hope “someone else” will take care of things.

The Subversive Message of American History X

Since the first question in my last post (it’s been a while, I know) dealt with the movie American History X, I thought I’d provide some brief commentary on it and its message.  Like nearly all Hollywood-jew movies, the message is anti-white, pro-decadence.  The real clincher comes toward the end of the flick when the black professor with two PhDs (of course lol) asks the half-jew actor Edward Norton (who plays the hot-headed skinhead), “Has anything you’ve done, made your life better?”  Norton shakes his head “no” and cries….

The obvious point here that the jew propaganda machine is trying to force-feed into the minds of Aryan Americans is that we should only concern ourselves with selfish desires, and not worry about helping others or what is going on around us.  That is the EXACT OPPOSITE position of National-Socialism which states, “folk-community before self.”  National-Socialists today in the American Nazi Party are fighting for the FUTURE of the White Race!  We aren’t stuck in a joyless pursuit of material goods and temporary pleasure, but instead are focused on helping those whom we will never meet and those who will never be grateful for our sacrifices.