WhiteHonor has been online for nearly 10 years now in one form or another.  We currently maintain one of the most visited websites dedicated to White Power and the 14 Words.  After years of being hailed as “the most violent White racist website on the planet,” it is time for a new approach.  After surveying this “movement” for over a decade, it is clear that the American Nazi Party (www.anp14.com) is the best hope for White Survival in the United States.  They have a full political platform that deals will all the issues of importance to the common man, unlike other grouplets which are stuck on the race issue and have not branched out any further.

Therefore WhiteHonor will be directing all its efforts into helping the ANP grow and expand to become a well-known and successful Political Organization.  If YOU have had enough of the current failed system, we urge you to become involved.

Contact Webmaster: AXL@americannaziparty.com