Anonymous Propaganda

Produced By Aryan Guard

The Anonymous Propagandist:

Its not easy being an aware white person these days. Thought police and cameras are everywhere, making it difficult to get the message out to our fellow whites. Many believe that we are limited to throwing leaflets on lawns at night. Not so. Leaflets have a place-like at outdoor events, such as parades, but overall its not very effective. The 1% that would respond are already reading it on the internet. Not to mention the home owner who just cut the lawn just sees it as more trash. There are better ways to spread the word in your community. We must take the fight to the enemy. Our propaganda needs to have a direct impact on society. A good agent can make a direct impact and remain anonymous from the jew media using the methods listed below. Stickers are great. You can just walk by and stick them on anything. Fast ,easy and inexpensive to produce. Continue reading →

Activist Strategy Manual

by Alex Curtis


Since the advent of the printing press the use of printed flyers, tracts and pamphlets have caused historical change. It has raised armies, fought theological battles, and torn down Kings. The Protestant Reformation and American Revolution are indebted to the fiery rhetoric of the codemning rebels like Luther and Paine.
In 1999, we are White Aryans living in a country that has been usurped by the very racial enemies that have threatened our Race and Europe many, innummberable times. The nonwhite racial aliens are exploding in numbers, sometimes by immigration, sometimes by high-birth rates and, most abhorantly, by the interracial race treason by whites who have defiled themselves with mud. Continue reading →

Are You Ready for Liberty?

America Has Become a New World Order Outpost

By Thomas W. Chittum

“These elitists of the New World Order, in pursuit of their agenda of global domination, are
systematically crushing the sovereignty of all nation states whose leaders or people dare defy

July 4, 2000 — Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the First Annual Imperial Rag Flag Burn, brought to you live from Eric Rudolph country in North Carolina.

Ladies and gentlemen, some time ago I proposed the idea of this event, and today I am gathered here with like-minded people, who have also come to believe that what I am about to do is both appropriate and just.

Before I proceed, I think it appropriate that I explain to my fellow Americans why I am taking this action.

America is no longer a nation-state in which I enjoy full rights of citizenship, but an authoritarian empire, of which I am a subject, and where I must now beg for rights that were once mine by force of law as set down in our now defunct Constitution.

This new American empire is itself merely an administrative district of the New World Order, which is run by an aristocracy of arrogant murderers and looters who have usurped the powers of governance formerly regulated and limited by our Constitution.

These elitists of the New World Order, in pursuit of their agenda of global domination, are systematically crushing the sovereignty of all nation states whose leaders or people dare defy them. Continue reading →

Let’s Win!

by P.O.W. David Lane

Recently, we were sent a copy of an article from the Idaho Falls newspaper “exposing a hate crime”. It seems some supporters of Fourteen Word Press had distributed some fliers saying that White people should secure their existence and have a future for their children. In fact, the article quoted the Fourteen Words verbatim. Thus, our cause reached thousands of people courtesy of the establishment press. In the past year the Fourteen Words have been quoted on national TV and in the Washington Post, as well as in most resistance publications worldwide. None of this would have happened if the supporters of Fourteen Word Press had been content with preaching to the choir, as does most of the so called movement. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank each and every one of those with the vision and motivation to take positive action.

Let us remember that our first job is to awaken sufficient numbers of our people to our imminent extinction and what that means. Most of our Folk still believe White people are a majority, due to the enemy media, who call over ninety percent of the world’s population which is colored “minorities”. In order to penetrate the media curtain we must focus on the single issue as stated in the Fourteen Words and not be deceived into pursuing peripheral issues. Certainly we can recognize that there is some value in exposing the exaggerations of the alleged holocaust, the power of central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, violations of the Constitution and all the other issues that occupy the minds of the so-called Right Wing. But, I really don’t give a damn what monetary system the colored hordes adopt after our race is extinct. I just don’t give a hoot in hell whether they call themselves conservatives or liberals. I don’t care if the Jews convince the colored hordes that sixty billion of the “chosen” died in big WW2. Frankly, I don’t give a flying you-know-what if the world even continues to exist, if the Jews are successful in exterminating our race and therefore, the beauty of the White Aryan woman will cease to exist forever. Let’s win or blow it to atom! Continue reading →

What Are YOU Involved In This struggle For?

by Rocky Suhayda

Dear Racial Comrades: Today I would like to speak with all of you on a personal basis. As you read these words, I would like you to read them slowly and THINK about what I have written…and just what answer you are able to SINCERELY give to YOURSELF…well, thats up to you.

Whenever I go on my weekly trip to the local “Food-Monster” to buy our families groceries from the pittance that the jew gives me for my sweat…I am always amazed, disgusted and angered by the ever growing numbers of NON-Whites that I see shambling, stumbling, staggering, and mouthing unintelligible mouthings…as I shop down the isle’s. It’s NOT just negroids anymore…its arabs, mexicans, gooks, indians, and god only knows “what” thats FLOODING into OUR nation…TAKING it OVER!…without a single shot even being fired against this ALIEN invasion. In reality, I can’t really blame these creatures for wanting to come here…they get ALL the “BENEFITS” that OUR tax-dollars can supply, without ever putting a penny in the pot…along with special “laws” protecting them from the honest wrath of the providing population. These creatures are supposedly “refugee’s” of one sort or another…yet, they come here and OPEN STORES, RESTAURANT’S, and BUSINESS’S…WHERE in hell do they get the MONEY to DO THAT, if they were SOOO bad off where they came from? The “RULES” always seem to get “bent” for them in their favor. Where WE…the White Working Class population…have STRUGGLED all our working lives, to get from “point A to Point B” economically…THEY HAVE IT OVERNIGHT! Continue reading →