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  1. What I read here is somewhat disturbing. We Europeans and descendants thereof cannot turn the clock back, but we can go forward with determination to fight evil and seek the truth. It was the greed of Whites and especially the Jews who have usurped their economic and social power from us through lies, deception and crimes against humanity, including at times against their own. We must realize that all the problems in the world have their roots in the Jewish/Zionist agenda for the New World Order, where we, the Goyim, will be their slaves. Multiculturalism, Hollywood’s sex-and violence movie industry, the homosexual and perversion liberalization with government assistance and approval, wars to destabilize countries and create a huge migration problem – all is a war declaration by the Zionists against White, Christian countries which they want to destroy with the help of our own brain-washed traitors, like John Hagee, etc.
    We must endeavor to educate our young, teach them the truth and our civilization and values. We must let our voices hear when our governments act contrary to our needs and protection, and we must stop this flow of undesirables into our countries. National Socialism is not Naziism (Naziism is what we see today in Germany and the USA). The former under Hitler has brought prosperity and pride to a demoralized and starving people. He weeded out the Communist/Zionist horde that benefited from the misery of the Germans. They had control of the banks, finance, entertainment industry, brothels, unions, and the media. Then in 1933, when Hitler realized what was happening, the Zionists declared a holy war on Germany. From being admired by the rest of the world for his accomplishments, the Zionists managed to stir for war to destroy Germany again. The struggle by Germany and Hitler to preserve what was accomplished in the 30s ended in 1945, but has continued elsewhere since.
    Those who don’t know history are likely to repeat it – take heed, Mr. President!

  2. How many of you have watched the excellent historical video on you tube: THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD (6 hour documentary)? Excellent. Hitler’s enemy is our enemy.

    So many of you young- emotionally charged-frustrated men seem to be courting violence. DO NOT DO IT- OR EVEN HINT AT ANYTHING SO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE-ILLEGAL and IMMORAL. This government is loaded with people itching to remove you from society. Give them NO REASON to fear you!!

    Self defense is one thing, but DON’T look for trouble. This is exactly what the enemy would like for us to do. It discredits us and the laws will remove you from society very quickly.

    Our greatest tool is to educate people. Some are not worthy so do not try to sell what they should already know. People hate to be sold anything. If you feel safe- secure in sharing the foundation of this peaceful movement, do so with the material they offer. Don’t try to reinvent the wheeel. Knowing history and the truth about Hitler and the German people- Wars is key to learning that you are on the right side–GOD’s side. Everything we have been told and taught by the Jew Bolsheviks and their shills is a lie. Watch the series and learn. Also, another good source is BROTHER NATHANAEL (a Jew by birth, but a convert to Christianity). He is very intelligent and offers great insight to what the Jews are plotting.

    Brother Nathanael is no friend to Jewry- globalist- consider checking him out on You Tube.

    Another: TomatoBubble.com Excellent material.

    Education and truth is our greatest defense—No violence…NOTHING illegal! You are no good in a cage- away from your family and branded a convicted felon.

    Hitler and the German National Socialist NEVER condoned lawlessness… only supported good morals, athleticism- sobriety and gentlemanly behavior. Again, the documentary I mentioned is an excellent start.

  3. I have a serious question. I want to know if I would be welcome to support and join the ANP. My fathers side of the family is Irish(from Ireland) My Mothers side is from Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in America. I have done many tours overseas and have served in the US Military. Puerto Rico is part of the US. My mother has always worked and paid Taxes as has everyone in my family. I don’t speak Spanish was born here in America. My Mothers side of the family are all here legally(obviously because PR is part of the US. But Having a HISPANIC side of my family… Would I be welcome. I agree with everything. ??

  4. It has been my dream since I was a young laddy at my mother’s knee to move to the great land of America! English people are jolly well too lenient on these fellows, we have no guns and no wide open spaces where we can separate out the raff. Cornwall is the last haven left, it’s sort of like the southern states, but even there it’s going barmy.
    Take back our world boys! Don’t forget your brothers in Angs!

    • im sorry this is the situation we live in one in the struggle is all of us in the struggle sir we find our selves in a battle a battle against niggers spiks jews and all other mud people we must take back our lands and solidify ourselves and master and ruler over all other shit eaters who waste our air water and food ,it is not necesary for any other race to have these things the world is ours my friend and like i said i am sorry about your situation but we will rise again my friend the time is coming the time is near we will rise up and exclude these deviant scums of beings thank you my friend.

  5. The one thing that all Aryans need to understand, is the fact this problem is more than just “American Values”
    It’s an entire global problem.
    All the different continents are just that, different and different for a reason.
    Over time the locust race spread all over the earth devouring & destroying, what Europeans & White Americans call traditional values and morals & financial stability.
    My opinion is, all slave traders back in the past should have been shot or hung!
    What criminal elements did for money back in the day was the beginning causes of what has taken place all over the world. Slaves should have never been allowed on American soil! That was the beginning of the end.
    Christianity, Crusaders and Islam has been fighting since the day of the sword.
    It will never end until one of us is completely anihliated. The Aryan race is in trouble, and I don’t mean this lightly. It’s at the tipping point of no return.
    If the Aryan race does not do a right turn about Completely, and change, it will be game over. People, this is a State of Emergency.. I wish I would have understood this myself long ago.

  6. I am so sick of the jews, the niggers, and the hisps. They not only invade our glorious national, but the father land ITSELF! How can this be tolerated? How one can sit by, drink their morning coffee and read the news, going about their lives, whilst knowing that the country they live IS under an invasion, makes me sick! And when I am proud to be white, ethnic German, and a perfect Aryan, I, I am a racist, a criminal, and a devil worshiper… FOR BEING PROUD OF MY PEOPLE! AND BEING DISTURBED BY THE STRIPPING OF MY RIGHTS! Stand by me, my brothers, sisters, and all my other proud white beauties! We can triumph, but first we must stand together, then we organize, then we elect and protect a white leader! One who will give his last breath for his people, FOR YOU! HEIL DEUTSCHLANDIED! UND DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE!

  7. I’m a white girl and I’m so sick of niggers and wetbacks thinking its OK to hit on me. Back in the good oke days a nigger would be hung for even looking at a white girl!!! Now days all you see is young white girls with niggers!! Them nasty disgusting trashy girls need to be hung along with there ape boyfriends!!! And populating our country with their half breed niglets!!! Makes me sick!!!!!!

    • my sister once i hear that a girl is affiliated or has ever fucked a nigger they are done to me trash even worse than the garbage in a can step up my sister preach the word thank you for being a proud white dominant person and recognizing you are 35 levels above these mud people thank you thank you again

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  9. Im so sick of are country being dishonored by a nigger in office that has done nothing but made it ten times worst and all the aliens taking all are jobs and are country being a laughing stock!!!! I say this rise an stand up for are country are families died for this country not theirs we fought for freedom and now we must fight are enemy here once more RISE UP!!!!!!!!!! HEIL HITLER!!!!!!! no jews niggers or spicks! fight for what is important to you and your family

  10. i am just searching for answers..everywhere.after 1 year of unemployment started to think something here is wrong.and somebody one day must and will pay for it.just trying to find answers..

  11. Its so sad that my country is being raped by so many of these dirty beasts from these other lands.lets not forget the jews who run everyrhing in the background control our money killing us off because they know the the dirty beast will work for so less so the jew will try to rid us from our white country our white heritage well I say no I refuse to stand by and let my country be destroyed and raped by these dirty rotten beasts filling our country up with there mixed babies they have with the ones who turned there back on there own people and I say no i will not let the jew run this take over anymore. EIN VOLKE EIN REICH EIN FUHRER HEIL HITLER we will rid the world of the jew one day we shall succeed JUDEN ROUSE ZEIG HEIL!!!!

  12. I just got out of prison while I was there the Jews got any literature they wanted. The blacks were allowed malcom x and black panther literature . I got 1 copy of the white worker i was thrown in the hole as a racist, the white worker was deemed racist and I am now considered a security threat group like a common member.where are my white rights ??

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  15. The White Worker is a great read, and Of Course it has nothing but quality information – it’s produced by the ANP. I’ve been subscribing for almost 3 years.

  16. im a true southern boy and i strongly belive that the illegals should go back to their damn country!!!! us white folks are fighting to keep our race pure, and if you ask me thats a damn good reson to fight

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