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This will be a short post, and really two posts in one.  America’s National-Socialist political organization made international news recently and we’ve received literally dozens of interview requests from main stream media sources (and denied them all).  ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda corrected the unsurprising media lies in his most recent Report.

Also, today is the day the George Lincoln Rockwell was murdered, and American National-Socialism took a big hit.

On August 25th, two minutes before noon, on a Friday in 1967 – George Lincoln Rockwell was killed by an assassin, bent to destroy National Socialism here in America. As George Lincoln Rockwell often stated – “YOU CAN’T KILL AN IDEA WITH A BOMB OR A BULLET” – the IDEA LIVED ON! For myself, I dedicated my life to it, and like a NS Johnny Appleseed I have planted as many “SEEDS” into the HEARTS and MINDS of countless men and women over the five decades that I Served the Cause as a Political Soldier of Adolf Hitler. Now, I am CALLING ON ALL OF YOU! – to this month, make a concerted effort to DISTRIBUTE as MUCH Outreach materials as you can, in an intelligent and careful fashion, to our White brothers and sisters across America… You all know the drill – let’s make this a REPEAT of the SPRING BLITZ that was held earlier this year! I can think of no better way to finish off summer – 2016, than with an expansive, coast to coast literature drive, RIGHT BEFORE the Fall elections!

This is late notice, but there are still 6 days left in this month, plus this evening, to go out there and intelligently distribute flyers, business cards, and stickers all over your town.

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Let’s be the winning side!


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