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  1. This gif is brilliant. It pretty much sums up what the mainstream media is. A fraudulent media channel. FAKE! I think that this video should include logos from other news media outlets. Such as Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC etc.

    Even though I agree on trump on this one, I still don’t support him. At the same, he’s putting up an act, he’s entertaining us by pointing out the obvious. Trump is still one of them. He’s a systemite billionaire. Sure, the liberal media puts out a huge negative campaign against Trump. But he is still getting alot of free media. It’s still working out to his advantage.

    The libtard media is pretty bad. But the CON-servative media is just as bad also. Such as Fox News and Breitbart. We need to view them the same disgust as the left side.

    In this movement the one thing that it lacks is FOCUS. People stick with the movement for a while. But when they see a “man on a white horse” they seem to quit the movement all because they think that this one individual will solve everything. Stick with National Socialism! Become a political soldier of Adolf Hitler! Keep fighting, and join the ANP. And you will see just what a National Socialist society can do not just for you but for your children! Great post. 88

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