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Deliberate Genocide — 2 Comments

  1. It is real and they steal you money and thoughts. Ebay founder is a Snake Cancer Criminal and paypal is run by Iran. I believe them all to be in on a scams like Fraud. They buy items like digital goods and then they claim it never showed up. So they keep the goods and the money.
    Also Jeopardy is a scam they steal white peoples answer. The host is a Jew and he doesn’t always get the answer and pushed the wrong answers into Jewish Enemies. Then the Jews smile at one another and say I got it. It just popped into my head.

  2. Check out my site I got some Information like The Jews investing our money overseas and then lettering the Asians lie about profits and they plan to blame it all on Inflation. They scammed up all they wanted us to bail out the banks. The banks that lend money three times. So they made up money 3 times. That is like I get $100,000 dollars and then make up $400,000 on my computer and tell people I am good for it. I think not you NEED A BAIL OUT!
    The Jews are working to censor the internet also they even ban people from Paypal owned by a Iranian snake Cancer adulter.

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