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  1. A good concise polemic on NS. Considering what is happening to the Alt Right, ANP should bond with the other Brothers, Trad Workers, NPI etc and get good internet and money sites up. It is clear as day that the Hebrew International is behind the attack. They live in fear of being outed again as Germany and Russia had. Unify strengths. This is not a time to keep ones personal club going. The Skypes are scared and pushing. Unify, Solidify, and Focus with Discipline. That means INTERNET and MONEY. Two items plus UNITY.
    What do you say Mr. Hess?

    • After reading Rudy’s letter this month (Sept ’17) I see that he is not interested in unifying with any Alt Right. Not sure if this is a good move as NPI/Spencer are getting some momentum in wold press. I do understand ANP positions on this but is it a practical choice? I am unsure. Dave Duke may not be the guy but getting more support from mainstream whites and non aryan supporters should not be squandered.
      What do you s ay Mr. Hess?

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