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I’ve been asked to provide a list of book that should be considered essential texts for National-Socialists to read today.  I will start this list small and add to it slowly.  Please leave a comment with any books you feel are essential that I have not included.  Thank you!

  • Mein Kampf – This should be first and foremost and the book most frequently referenced regarding NS.
  • White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell
  • This Time the World by George Lincoln Rockwell
  • The International Jew by Henry Ford
  • Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money by Gottfried Feder
  • The Myth of the Twentieth Century by Alfred Rosenberg
  • The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler
  • Foundations of the Nineteenth Century by Houston Stewart Chamberlain


Of course there are many more book that can (and will) be added to this list.  Please leave a comment if I’ve left out anything obvious.

I’m currently about a third of the way through the book, Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson, and after a laborious beginning (with some absolutely outrageous claims and conclusions), it’s getting pretty good.  I plan to publish a full review of it when I finish.


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