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Like most other systems currently in place in America, our education system is thoroughly broken.  Right now the U.S. spends more on education per student than any other developed nation and our students keep lagging behind.  “According to US Education Secretary Rod Paige, while the other countries are moving forward and improving their systems, the US has gotten bogged up in the struggle with bureaucracy.”  Throwing more money at education won’t do a thing.  It is HOW that money gets spent.

The United States has fallen to “average” in international education rankings released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics.

A National Socialist America would implement the establishment of a new educational system which will place strong emphasis on the physical and moral development of our young people, as well as on the training of their mental abilities, and which will instill in every young Aryan an all-important set of racial values.  If the Race is healthy, the Nation will be healthy. Hitler Youth

We believe that Aryan youth represents the future of our Race, and that in its fitness and ability lie our hopes for the future. Therefore, we believe that it is the duty of the state to see to the development of our young people in a thorough and well-rounded manner, recognising that in the long run a healthy mind can only dwell within a healthy body, and that along with the training of the intellect there must go rigorous physical and character training. We believe, finally, that an education can only be considered complete when it succeeds in burning into the heart and mind of the young Aryan the supreme importance of the racial idea.

Furthermore, when America’s students get out of high school, many don’t know what they will be doing.  They are thrown out into “the wild reality” without real life skills or a trade.  A National Socialist education would focus on preparing students by assessing their aptitude towards higher education (college) or if the student’s skill-set leads him/her more towards a trade, such as a plumber or mason.  Once the appropriate aptitude had been established, the school would focus on giving purpose to the student and teaching him/her the appropriate information so as to be set on a solid course.

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