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National-Socialist Stance on the Issues: Healthcare — 4 Comments

  1. Excellent post Comrade Axl!

    It’s true what you’re saying. Healthcare is one of those things that shouldn’t be for profit. It’s a basic human right. Which is one of the many evil aspects of Judeo Capitalism. But do you know what’s even more evil? Monetizing from health care! It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical companies don’t care about curing people from illness and disease. They care about profits. How do they do this? Well here goes: First, they produce a drug that’s made cheaply. They know that the drug will give you dangerous side effects but they don’t care, they still release it anyways.

    Secondly, they do a huge marketing campaign to the public. This is by doing a very deceiving but clever commercial ad thinking that you NEED to take this drug. Thirdly, when you take the drug it gives you additional side effects and giving you health issues. This prompts you to go to the doctor and then he gives you a prescription for another drug. After being prescribed several drugs, you start to spiral downwards.

    When the public finds out that this drug was proven to cause negative side effects, the people then file for a lawsuit. By then the drug companies don’t care if they have to pay a heavy fine or pay out lawsuits. By then, they made so much money that to then, lawsuits are part of a business expense.

    These people are some of the most vile disgusting people in the world. They will make money at the people’s expense at all cost. They should be executed for their crimes. Capitalism is an ideology that must be abolished. National Socialism is the answer to all the world’s problems! 88

  2. Absolutely! I just got done with an after work speech on the failure of trump to follow through on his plan to replace and repeal, as well as how America loves to leave its people fat and unhealthy as an unlimited source of income, all to exploit their desire to live! Hail Victory!

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