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Jeff Schoep, the so-called “leader” of the deceptively named “National Socialist Movement” (there is nothing NS about them) has been outed as a race-mixer by the anti-white ‘One People’s Project.’  It doesn’t really matter that an enemy of true National Socialism exposed a fraud, the fact is that this clown Schoep has been married to an Arab woman (for several years) with a half-black daughter from another marriage.

Why does this matter and why should you care? Well, if you think that race-mixing is “okay” or “forgivable,” then you are probably looking at the wrong website.  You should expect and DEMAND a much higher set of standards in the pro-white leadership.  There NEEDS to be some quality control in this “movement” or our mission, our cause, is already forfeit.  After this incident, for anyone to still proudly proclaim they are an NSM member, would be insanity.  It simply isn’t possible to be okay with race-mixing AND consider yourself a National Socialist.

Many individuals and organizations have been providing facts about the “National Socialist Movement” for years – how they are heavily infiltrated by the FBI, they have had numerous jews in their organization, numerous criminals and lowlifes etc.  Yet despite all this, the NSM still managed to retain and recruit new gullible followers.  Hopefully this latest exposure will put an end to this false organization and  White Nationalists and National Socialists will be able to move forward without having the degenerate NSM around to smear our righteous cause.

For the full story please click the link below and listen to the American Nazi Party TalkShow program that dealt with this very issue.

One People’s Project “Outs” National Socialist Movement ‘Commander’ Jeff Schoep As A Race Mixer And Adulterer


 Here’s another link on the NS Acumen Blog with pictures: A Fraud And Habitual Liar

And for the American Nazi Party (ANP) TalkShow program, please click the “play” button below.


NSM “Leader” Jeff Schoep Exposed as a Race-Mixer and Adulterer — 5 Comments

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  4. I believe this guy is supposed to be doing a national conversation on white civil rights versus civil rights for all in Beverly Hills … Hosted by some gou . might be something to check out .

  5. Hey WH this guy did mix with differ races, and leads the biggest group, but it’s not the ladies or the kids fault, this guys from Mn, he mix here to in Mn. Before leaving, running actually. He’s a punk who use to hit girls

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