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What happened in Paris was inevitable.  We’ve been warning you about this for years.  What did you expect when you bring over non-whites into historically Aryan lands?  It’s nothing short of White Genocide.  The foolish, cowardly, right-wing keeps screaming about “radical Islam” but that makes as much sense as blaming a lion for attacking someone while completely ignoring the person who opened the cage…

The jewish and white-traitor politicians that forced the invasion of non-whites into our cities are covered in the blood of all the people that have been murdered at the hands of foreigners.  There must be racial segregation or our people will not last.  Join the ANP and FIGHT BACK.

Please read the latest ANP Report here: http://www.anp14.com/news/archives.php?report_date=2015-11-19

And then watch this video: http://nationalsocialism.info/?p=568


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  1. I have no problem with contacting me to debate the issue i am raising, because i am always in search of the truth (passionately) and take pride in KNOWING that changing your beliefs does not make you “wishy washy” or mean you stand for nothing……. Too the contrary, it means you are growing and learning. All living things that must change in growth to live, both outward and inward. Therefore, i invite any debate regarding my issue. However, my biggest reason for wishing to debate it, is that i DO agree with EVERY damn thing you stand for and try to spread knowledge of….. EXCEPT for the one issue:
    Your relationship or ties with the hitler name.
    Why would you want THAT?
    And please don’t be ignorant in your response of implying there was never genocide in the camps.
    Hate groups are equally at fault. Both parties.
    Standing for what is right, your race, and who you are, does not mean knocking the other guy down

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