Poll: What’s Wrong With This “Movement”

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So my last poll on this site regarding the issue(s) America’s National-Socialist political party should focus on received close to 200 votes, and the majority were (rather unsurprisingly) in favor of immigration.  I thank you all for your input.

For this post I’m adding a new poll and I hope to receive your participation here as well.  This topic was discussed on one of the recent American Nazi Party TalkShoe programs, but I would like to see what YOU think as well.  Be sure to leave a comment if you have any insight to contribute.

Why is the Pro-White Movement So Dysfunctional?

  • Lack of Character in White "men" (18%, 39 Votes)
  • Cowardice (17%, 38 Votes)
  • Too Much Apathy (16%, 36 Votes)
  • Acceptance of Freaks and Losers (15%, 32 Votes)
  • Too Many Egos (14%, 31 Votes)
  • OTHER (leave a comment!) (13%, 29 Votes)
  • Poor Quality Control (7%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 219

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6 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Wrong With This “Movement”

  1. I have to say that the lack of character in White men is the root cause that leads to the other problems listed. The overall quality of our people is at an all time low. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the Movement is in a sad state. CHARACTER is what makes good men, and good men can speak well to other good men and bring them to the cause, and from there organizing and mobilizing can take place.
    Right now movement orgs. are desperate for people to fill the ranks and pay dues. Leadership doesn’t expect much from rank and file, and vice versa. Consequently, very little get accomplished and here we are in 2013, spinning our wheels as usual.

  2. I picked other because I think the main reason Nationalism has so far been ineffective has to do with the falsified history that is constantly propagated about it. People have been so ingrained with ideas about gas chambers, human skin lampshades, jew soap, etc, that the good ideas about National Socialism become marginalized. Instead of attracting more rational common people you get more people on the fringe. I think the best thing that can be done is to first expose the Holohoax as much as possible.

  3. I voted Other, and my reason is: Lack of proper interaction with the public.

    The media has done a great job of demonizing any pro-White sentiments in recent times, and to most people, we look like the bad guys. Only a select few will be intrigued enough to study up on taboo subject matter (…which is how I ended up here, personally).

    Most people in the mainstream think of us as a rabid pack of haters and hicks, burning crosses and lynching innocent minorities. We’ve lost connection to “the heart” of the people, because we’re depicted as monsters, and some WN groups play that part well.

    The ANP is a step in the right direction, being concerned with the working class, and having non-White Sympathizer divisions. The ANP shows that they are not about racial hatred.

    But still, it’s largely directed at Whites. If America is to become National-Socialist, we have to acknowledge the changing demographics. I’m not a member of The Party, so my proposal is just my humble opinion, but, I think The ANP needs to full-on align themselves with ALL the workers in America. Imagine an American Nazi Party with different racial divisions, a European Division, and African Division, a Latino Division…as long as they are true National-Socialists. A Mexican garbage man or gardener is still breaking his back for unfair wages just like a White man is.

    If we gather the non-Whites who would otherwise believe in NS, and who are nationalists in their own right, The Movement’s voter base will grow. I would rather work with a non-White who understands that we BOTH want space for our own people, than a stereotyped, skinheaded, ignorant White fool who will do nothing but humiliate us.

    If America is now only half White, and half of THOSE Whites believe in multiculturalism, we have no chance of being voted in to office. But, if those non-Whites are informed that we don’t hate them, that we even appreciate their cultures, and we won’t let the Banksters screw them over, and we will let them be, even be friendly with them, I think they would join our side.

    The main reason non-Whites side with Democrats is because they feel they can belong there…but many cultures, I’m thinking Mexican, still have a “machismo” attitude, and don’t take kindly to Politically Correct Marxism. If we were to inform the Mexicans, many of whom are hard working, that National-Socialism would keep their culture intact, and they would not be discriminated against, they would come over to us.

    The White must work with The Other. Otherwise, we drive them into the ranks of the Marxists. Even the Axis military had non-White divisions; we must employ these strategies today.

    I apologize for the long answer, but that is my answer. I voted “Other.” We must keep The Movement updated with the times, with the 21st Century. Align with all who want to resist the globalist New World Order, and we can still stake our claim as White people. The Movement is a failure because it’s presentation is out-dated. A true American Nazi Party would have divisions comprising ALL ethnic groups, even a division for those who want to mix….dare I say, even a Jewish division. An upper council of representatives from all races, a true Nationalist Union, with a fresh website that looks like the DNC or the RNC.

    Otherwise, we keep preaching to the choir. At best, awakened Whites will find the ANP, but that’s it. We need to tap in to the masses of people, White and Other. We can’t be afraid to have a heart, and show a little compassion to non-Whites. That will surprise the mainstream, and win over a lot of people who hate the bankers and lying politicians.

    And that is why The Movement is a failure: lack of communication with the public.

  4. It’s amazing how united the blacks, mexicans and jews can be, and here we are the “master race” and our movement has become pathetic since the 1970′s – where are all the WHITE MEN??

  5. The question that SHOULD be asked is: Why is it that there’s countless of organizations out here for the advancement of everybody else’s race but it’s ONLY unacceptable when White people do it.

    The reason I support the party is because I care about the white working class AND the direction America is going under this Judeo-Capitalist attack. I have an interest in doing my part and getting my name on a ballet – sadly this piss poor MOVEMENT is all about a bunch of dysfunctional’s screaming “White Power” and disgracing the Swastika, and the People see that and think were nothing but a bunch of idiots… to go along with all the lies they already have learned about us.

    Honestly and in my own personal opinion – not to reflect on the ANP – I just feel as the biggest problem with this movement is NOT the silly Hate Groups making us look bad but we do live in Diversity Land where sadly a lot of White people today are nothing but goy. – AJ 88!

  6. Critical Theory – we are inculcated (exploiting our tendency to White individuality) to destroy (tradition, loyalty, reason) for OUR own personal reward (external praise).
    Climbing on top of a pile of rubble we created leaves us with over-inflated egos, poor character, cowardice, begging for companions, etc.
    How could it not?

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