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This is an article contributed to this website by someone who regularly writes for the ANP‘s monthly publication, The White Worker.  9/11 was a significant event because of all it “allowed” ZOG to get away with, from the PATRIOT Act to control of Middle-East resources such as oil, minerals, and opium.  To this evil American Empire human life is irrelevant when following the religion of greed and power.


 You’ve likely seen several documentaries on the 9/11 conspiracy, but there’s only one that I know of which looks at the jewish involvement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl4CDScgvy0


Remembering 9/11


                                        By Mr. Johnson


With the 15th anniversary of the attacks that happened on September 11 2001, I would like to share my personal experience that happened on that very day.


I will never forget 9/11. It started out as a beautiful Tuesday morning. It was like any other day. I was 15 years old when the attacks occurred. School just started. Everything was normal until I started to notice an unusual pattern occur. Parents started to show up picking up their kids. Now when I first saw this, it didn’t bother me. But when I started to see more parents showing up to pick up their kids, that’s when I started to feel suspicious.


Towards the end of the class, the administration started to reveal to us what happened. I guess they decided to tell us now that we were starting to catch on, to the unusual activity that was taking place. The teacher explained to us that 2 planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. And also, one plane had crashed into the Pentagon. When I first heard this, I was in shock! I couldn’t believe something like this could happen. Words cannot explain how I felt when I heard what they said.


After school was over I went over to the other school to pick up my 2 younger brothers. One of my brothers told me about the attacks, since he was also informed by his school administrators.


When I arrived home, I called my mother. She asked me if everything was ok? I said yes. She also told me she was about to pick us up, but couldn’t because of her work schedule.


When I hanged up on the phone with my mother, I went straight to the television. The minute I turned it on, all I saw was the coverage of the attacks. It was on every single channel you can imagine on. Even on the non news networks! It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen something like it.


During the coverage, I’ve seen some horrific things that I’ve never seen in my life. I remember seeing the debris covering the sky. People can see it from far away. The debris was so big, that a lot of people were covered by it. I saw people crying, bleeding, running an others in shock. But the one coverage I’ll never forget, was people jumping out of the towers. They did that because they were burning, so the only solution was to jump out. These events that I’ve listed were very painful to watch and hear.


The next day, we didn’t have any school. Even though we kids were happy about it, we were still traumatized about what had just happened.


9/11 is an event that changed this country forever. It most certainly changed mine. Maybe a lot of you don’t remember that day, but I can still clearly remember it. The reason being is because I was in New York City at the time of the attacks. And even though I wasn’t at the scene, I was still close enough to feel the emotions that others were putting out energetically.



Let’s keep fighting for a world free of terrorism!


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