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  1. Yes, Showing some self respect is an essential NS trait. Respect and Discipline. That means not being a pig, addicted to mindless video games, junk food, smoking dope and violating oneself. It means getting strong, go to the gym, getting out of bed, get some clothes that fit you, get a good haircut and push yourself in all areas. Educating oneself, reading, learning a good trade, going to school and taking oneself Seriously. This will breed Clarity on Mind and Body. Sounds like a lot? It is not. It will build on itself and one day you will not recognize yourself in the mirror. Read. Get in Shape. Flex Your Head. Others will know it too when you walk in the room. Power is catchy.
    Thank you Axl.

  2. Cracker, whitey, white bread, white trash, roundeye, redneck, hillbilly, casper are all ones I’ve heard, many are location specific are only used by certain groups. Many insults are regional specific and someone of the same ‘race’ from a different area will have no idea what you mean.

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