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  1. Honestly im fresh in my quest towards finding likeminded skns that in my town you are 9 out of 10 going to face oppisistion towards our movement in nonconformity . my Comrades that i met in prison and continued to learn and peacefully promote racial purity, so as to not confuse newcomers. My experience owards non whites is this, dont talk to me unless u have something smart or likeminded enough to even have my blue eyed devish look heed ur time. I hope im not as ignorant as society makes me to be. No NOT ME. A RACIST. How can it manifest. WHAT THE FUCKN WHITE HOUSE WANTS US TO LOOK AT,HEAR EAT,BUY THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE BABY FOR SOCIETY SAYS TO BUY.Im wondering since our debt is so high,when will the other countries band together and come collect. Can these motel six era third world armies do that? anyways i could go on but to whom it concerns at WHITE HONOR i hope i made sum sense with my festering pure hatred towards people who close eyes,ears,mouth and allow this battle to save the Germanic Tribe and all pure Aryan decent. 1488 BLOOD,SOIL AND WHITE HONOR.


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