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The Truth About David Duke — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the article!

    I’m a nationalist from Russia and I’m generally searching for information about David Duke, because of his annoying support for anti-Russian and anti-White moron Vladimir Putin, which seems irrational and indestructible for many years. In Russia we don’t know too much about the biography of shitty traitor Duke, so any information on this issue would be appreciated. I suppose Duke’s being paid can explain his love for Kremlin’s scum.

    I understand you don’t likely have free time, but it would be good if you have posted something more about “many more charges against him I could detail here (like his totally bogus PhD)”.

    I already translated articles about him to Russian nationalist news, and I will do it more.

  2. Hey everyone has faults my friend and for all of his there isn’t a person alive that has awoken more people to our cause than David Duke. What good do you accomplish from bashing him?? There are many more constructive outlets in my opinion than trashing a man who has done a lifetime of good compared to the few stupid mistakes you mention. I love the ANP I just see no good reason to write an article like this at all.

    • Thank you for your comment, but the Dukester is not merely someone that has “made mistakes” like the rest of humanity, but a lifelong con-artist who supports himself by fooling people into thinking he actually cares about the future of White People. Additionally, someone who would gamble away supporter funds and sell a membership list to the FBI is a forever enemy, a traitor, and shouldn’t be given a “pass.”

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