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David Duke has been a name in the movement for decades, and recently announced he’s running for Senate.  Unfortunately, such a scheme completely fools many people who are new to the White Nationalist struggle and don’t know Duke’s history or corruption, perversion, and fraud.

I have seen DAVID DUKE – LIVE OFF – the donations of well-meaning racial patriots for an entire LIFETIME, never holding a real JOB like myself and/or yourselves – and then PLEADING GUILTY to what he had done, GAMBLING away only God knows how many THOUSANDS of dollars and misusing money meant to go into our Struggle for HIS personal benefit. He’s gone the gamut of the movement huckster – from being a “Nazi” in the NSWPP (I SAW HIM at RALLIES in DC), to being a “KLU-KLUXER”, to being a “moderate” founder of the “NAAWP”, to campaigning as a “con-servative republirat” who got elected in LA, through the efforts of well-meant people like myself who donated and worked for his election, where he NEVER was the “REPRESENTATIVE” for the White Cause which he promised to be – to where now, he presently churns out books (on tired old topics that have been rehashed before, a hundred times already) and runs a website where he pontificates like the “Old Man in a Cave” who’s an “oracle” – yet after all his years, “WHAT” does he have to SHOW for his efforts? Not even the tiniest of an ORGANIZATION does he lead – NO! It’s ALL about David Duke, as it always has been since I first met him. Still making a living…

Here’s a recent post I highly recommend detailing some of Duke’s immorality and criminal behavior: http://nsacumenoftheoldguard.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-road-to-defeat-jeff-schoep-and_20.html

In Tyler Bridges’ book about Duke, he records Duke’s attempt to sell his supporter list to the FBI (read pages 86 and 87 at least): Click Here

Here’s the report by Fox News about Duke pleading guilty:  Click Here

And although the SPLC is an abhorrent, evil organization, they get a lot correct in their article about David Duke and his immoral behavior.  Please read:  Click Here

It’s terribly unfortunate that this career con-artist continues to fool people into thinking he actually cares about the 14 Words (he doesn’t), and there are many more charges against him I could detail here (like his totally bogus PhD), but I really don’t have the time to make such an extensive post to cover it all.  He’s a traitor and an opportunist that NOBODY in the pro-white movement should EVER support.


The Truth About David Duke — 2 Comments

  1. Hey everyone has faults my friend and for all of his there isn’t a person alive that has awoken more people to our cause than David Duke. What good do you accomplish from bashing him?? There are many more constructive outlets in my opinion than trashing a man who has done a lifetime of good compared to the few stupid mistakes you mention. I love the ANP I just see no good reason to write an article like this at all.

    • Thank you for your comment, but the Dukester is not merely someone that has “made mistakes” like the rest of humanity, but a lifelong con-artist who supports himself by fooling people into thinking he actually cares about the future of White People. Additionally, someone who would gamble away supporter funds and sell a membership list to the FBI is a forever enemy, a traitor, and shouldn’t be given a “pass.”

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